14 Months Ago: The Fire Beilein Threads.

14 Months Ago: The Fire Beilein Threads.

Submitted by stephenrjking on March 28th, 2018 at 5:30 PM

As we approach John Beilein's second Final Four, I thought it would be fun to review what people thought of the Beilein regime up to February of 2017. Note: Some of the stuff looks really stupid. Some of it was dead on, and we know this because the problems people complained about got fixed, often in big ways. In these linked threads you'll find embarrassing mistakes, but also accurate analysis of problems that Beilein subsequently fixed.

Names are not used in this post because we all say dumb stuff, and quotes shouldn't be held against posters today. I've actually deleted most of the highlights because I think it's mean-spiriited. Just a sampling is preserved to give people the general idea.

Two Years Ago:

The story actually starts with a mediocre 2015-2016 season whose highlight was a Kam Chatman three to beat Indiana in the B1G Tournament and a First Four win in Dayton. In March of 16, Brian posted a mailbag with a bunch of critical talk about Beilein. Here's a highlight:


What are the odds of replacing Beilein with someone who runs a clean program, fits culturally with the university, and achieves more success on the court? I put it at about 10%. That's not a chance worth taking for someone who may be marginally better. But the only thing that would satisfy these guys is if we were dominating the Big Ten. So then you need to consider the odds of getting the coach who runs a clean program, fits in culturally and consistently out-performs Izzo, Crean, et al. I put those odds under 1%.


I don't think that's clear yet. I do think we're going to see an offseason shakeup and hopefully a defensive specialist brought in. I am still resigned to the fact that Beilein's peak is likely to have already passed and that we'll probably be gunning for a Sweet 16 or two before he retires, not a title.

Well, Brian hit one out of two. Defensive specialist: Check. Ceiling: not so much.

Fire Beilein

Now we move to 2017, and a thread posted on January 11 after that loss to Illinois entitled: Fire John Beilein. It was a disastrous game that prompted the famed Maverick Morgan "white collar" quote that transformed Derrick Walton into a killer. 

Key quote from the OP: "Your team is no longer watchable."

i realize Beilein needs to go, but he ain't getting fired, warde seems too slow to react.

Ohio State 70, Michigan 66

We visit the nadir of the Beilein regime, a loss to a mediocre OSU team playing out the end of the Thad Matta regime. A highlight from the game story thread:

Starting to feel like the basketball version of the hoke regime

Last, but not least: The Fire Beilein Snowflake Thread from the same day:

is there anybody left

Who thinks he shouldn't be fired?............ (crickets)


It's time for Warde to get off his fat keister and do something. Beilein shouldn't be allowed to finish this season. Absolutely inexcusable to lose at home to this god awful OSU team with your tournament lives on the line. This team takes on the identity of its coach: soft, uninspired, boring

Ah, the memories.

"Game Winner" Video of Jordon Poole Shot - SIAP

"Game Winner" Video of Jordon Poole Shot - SIAP

Submitted by maiznblue on March 27th, 2018 at 11:17 PM

“Game Winner” by @joeyDosik
feat. @umichbball and Mr. Game Winner himself, @JordanPoole_2. Because it’s Michigan, it’s #MarchMadness  and it feels so damn good. pic.twitter.com/UzgdqXjFLk

— MaryCatherine Finney (@mickfinney) March 28, 2018
Video put together one Michigan grad, Mary Catherine Finney, with the song of another Michigan grad, Joey Dosik. Song just happens to be a perfect fit for the shot! 

Duncan Robinson Quotes on our Roster of Unwanted Players

Duncan Robinson Quotes on our Roster of Unwanted Players

Submitted by Indy Pete - Go Blue on March 27th, 2018 at 8:01 PM

“Quite honestly, when you look at it, it’s a buncha guys that probably shouldn’t be here or weren’t wanted here and, you know, whatever,” he said. “A guy like Moe (Wagner), hardly recruited; Muhammad(-Ali Abdur-Rahkman), two-star whatever; everyone wanted X to be done at Michigan; myself, I had to beg for a freakin’ scholarship. Didn’t get one out of high school. Charles, in the SEC, Kentucky, he didn’t cut it. So it’s like, when you get these personalities and these guys who have kinda been overlooked, whatever, their whole careers and kinda come together and believe in something collectively, it’s pretty special.”


This is straight from Duncan Robinson's mouth.  This is the archetypal Beilein team.  He finds players that no one else knows about or wants, and he puts the pieces of the puzzle together like a fictional movie character playing chess 15 moves ahead of the competition.  There is, and will be, all sorts of over the top praise for Beilein this week (not unlike mine here).  He deserves all of it.  This roster of players and their accomplishments represent one of the best coaching jobs in modern college basketball history:

32 wins (school record), B1G tournament champions (B2B), Final 4, dominators of rivals, win with flair (Poole), win with class (Wagner), win clean (Beilein/everyone), inspirational fans (Jude Stamper, Mo's mom), ridiculous in season improvement (Z), darkhorse regional MVP (Matthews), ice in veins (MAAR - Maryland free throws), losing starting role with class and becoming B1G 6th man of year (Duncan), transfer from program as possible conference POY to backup PG who stands by his decision and is thrilled to even be in the tournament (Simmons), True freshman starter who plays hard and rarely shows up in the box score (Livers), 7 footer who went from lost boy to incredible defender playing the perfect role off of the bench (Teske) best defensive assistant in the country (Yaklich), unheralded contributor to incredible guard improvement (Haynes), humble yet efective developer of big men and coach who only wins B1G tourney championships (Washington, 2 for 2)...

Those are just a few tidbits of what make this team special. 


AP All-American Teams, and Honorable Mentions - Zero Michigan Players

AP All-American Teams, and Honorable Mentions - Zero Michigan Players

Submitted by MGoVictory on March 27th, 2018 at 3:50 PM

3 freshmen headline AP All-America team for first time

61 total players, including 46 honorable mentions. Clayton Custer of Loyola of Chicago is an honorable mention player.

First Team

Jalen Brunson, Villanova
Deandre Ayton, Arizona
Trae Young, Oklahoma
Marvin Bagley III, Duke
Devonte’ Graham, Kansas

Second Team

Keita Bates-Diop, Ohio State
Trevon Bluiett, Xavier
Jock Landale, Saint Mary’s
Miles Bridges, Michigan State
Jevon Carter, West Virginia

Third Team

Keenan Evans, Texas Tech
Carsen Edwards, Purdue
Mikal Bridges, Villanova,
Luke Maye, North Carolina
Kyle Guy, Virginia

Honorable Mention (alphabetical order)

Jaylen Adams, St. Bonaventure
Peyton Aldridge, Davidson
Grayson Allen, Duke
Mo Bamba, Texas
Trae Bell-Haynes, Vermont
Joel Berry II, North Carolina
Bogdan Bliznyuk, Eastern Washington
Desonta Bradford, ETSU
Tony Carr, Penn State
Gary Clark, Cincinnati
Xavier Cooks, Winthrop
Jermaine Crumpton, Canisius
Clayton Custer, Loyola of Chicago
Mike Daum, South Dakota State
Angel Delgado, Seton Hall
Kahlil Dukes, Niagara
Tre’Shaun Fletcher, Toledo
Marcus Foster, Creighton
Brandon Goodwin, Florida Gulf Coast
Isaac Haas, Purdue
Aaron Holiday, UCLA
Jordan Howard, Central Arkansas
Jemerrio Jones, New Mexico State
Nick King, Middle Tennessee
Kevin Knox, Kentucky
Fletcher Magee, Wofford
Caleb Martin, Nevada
Kelan Martin, Butler
Yante Maten, Georgia
Martaveous McKnight, Arkansas-Pine Bluff
Kendrick Nunn, Oakland
Shamorie Ponds, St. John’s
Jerome Robinson, Boston College
Junior Robinson, Mount St. Mary’s
Collin Sexton, Alabama
Landry Shamet, Wichita State
T.J. Shorts II, UC Davis
D’Marcus Simonds, Georgia State
Jonathan Stark, Murray State
Brandon Tabb, Bethune-Cookman
Zach Thomas, Bucknell
Seth Towns, Harvard
Allonzo Trier, Arizona
Grant Williams, Tennessee
Johnathan Williams, Gonzaga
Justin Wright-Foreman, Hofstra

What if our team staged Brian's Final 4 amateurism protest?

What if our team staged Brian's Final 4 amateurism protest?

Submitted by kevin holt on March 27th, 2018 at 3:42 PM

For those unfamiliar, Brian sometimes proposes an idea that the teams in the final four/championship should protest the NCAA (mainly amateurism) by delaying the start of the game and just waiting in the locker room, sending the message that the players are the show and that the money doesn't flow without them there. I agree with Brian that this would be incredibly effective. TBS would just air commercials, sure, but the message would get sent somehow.

What if it was our team? How insane would it be if the actually clean programs were the ones to make this statement? (Not throwing shade at Nova because I am mostly unaware of their reputation, but we know our own coach is Mr. Clean and I doubt Loyola has much of a bagman network.)

Wouldn't it be more effective that way? I really doubt the country would have any sympathy if two teams like Duke and Kentucky staged a protest, but what about us?

Important note: I'm not saying I want this. I would rather they didn't; it seems very nerve-wracking and stressful at a time where you want 100% focus. I also really doubt they'd do it for a lot of reasons, especially given that Beilein would probably not agree to it and I don't think the team would want to do it without their coach's consent/participation. It's interesting to think about, though, and it just hit me.

Also: I don't intend this to devolve into an argument about amateurism or various other MGoBoardian ways of missing the point of the hypothetical.

More Yaklich Dividends - Recent (successful) Coaching Against Loyloa

More Yaklich Dividends - Recent (successful) Coaching Against Loyloa

Submitted by Indy Pete - Go Blue on March 27th, 2018 at 3:26 PM

Luke Yaklich, fortuitiously enough, just keeps adding value.  As an assistant at Illinois State, Yaklich's team went 7-1 against Loyola.  In February 2017, his team faced 3 of their 5 starters in a 65-63 win.  Luke has many friends on Loyola's coaching staff.  He knows a lot about this team.  Solid article (warning it is a Freep link to the easily offended):


Article on Loyola Preparation

Article on Loyola Preparation

Submitted by username on March 27th, 2018 at 1:34 PM

ESPN has an article detailing the in-depth scouting reports the Loyola coaches pulled together and presented to their teams last weekend.  This included papering the walls of their locker room with diagrams of the opponents plays and profiles of opposing players. 


Based on everything we've discussed on this board about John Belein's offense, is it safe to say there isn't enough wall space in the Alamo Dome to present all the sets and plays the Michigan will run on Saturday?

Seriously, for someone that knows more about the intracacies of Belein's offense, how much more complicated is it than the typical D1 program?

Seems like Beilein and Moser are cut from the same cloth when it comes to preparation and it will be interesting to watch the chess match between the two.