SI story of Duncan Robinson's Transfer

SI story of Duncan Robinson's Transfer

Submitted by Leaders And Best on March 29th, 2018 at 12:32 PM

SI story of Duncan Robinson's transfer from Williams to Michigan. This story has been told many times, but I think this is the best & most in-depth one I have read.

Any Interest in MgoBlog Get Together at Final Four?

Any Interest in MgoBlog Get Together at Final Four?

Submitted by Gameboy on March 29th, 2018 at 10:57 AM

Flying down tomorrow and wondering if anyone was interested in having a meetup (perhaps Sun night?) in San Antonio for all the folks going down there.

Would need some help from a local in figuring out a place but would be nice to get a crowd together.

Traveling to San Antonio POSBANG

Traveling to San Antonio POSBANG

Submitted by M_Born M_Believer on March 29th, 2018 at 9:00 AM

I know that EVERYONE WANTS to be there and that we are hyped up with our team.  But lets BANG away as we all start our trek to San Antonio for a great weekend of Michigan Basketball.


May our boys shoot straght and true...

May their defense be tough and quick

And may their team work, passion, and desire bring home the championship.....


GO BLUE!!!!! 


My flight leaves at 3:30 today...

Go Blue for Xavier Simpson Day

Go Blue for Xavier Simpson Day

Submitted by Spunky on March 29th, 2018 at 8:52 AM

Lima City Schools are honoring Simpson today. Students were encouraged to wear Michigan gear (those who root for the evil Buckeyes can wear plain blue tops).

According to Superintendent Ackerman:  

We’re really proud of him. To sit back and watch him play in the Sweet 16 and to hear the commentators said "Zavier Simpson from Lima Senior High School in Lima, Ohio," he’s put us on the map. We want to support Zavier. We’re all behind him and proud of him.

How cool is that!


The official international Final Four Watch Party Thread

The official international Final Four Watch Party Thread

Submitted by cweerapp on March 28th, 2018 at 7:17 PM
All- Well aware how disdained "where to watch the game" threads are around here but hoping to consolidate locations and receive some mercy. Also throwing this up a few days before the game to not clog up any actual content on the board. I searched the Mgobars thread for bars in Melbourne and came up empty so here goes. Any other Michigan fans in the Melbourne area looking to watch the game? Because of the early local tip (~9am) best bet is to call a bar in advance and set up a watch party. I'm with 3 other M grads and happy to make some calls if others are stuck down under! For those in similar positions around the world feel free to drop your international Michigan bar discoveries to prevent these threads in the future. Much appreciated!

Final Four Sendoff

Final Four Sendoff

Submitted by Bo Glue on March 28th, 2018 at 7:12 PM

For those who weren't able to attend, the speech was a nice bit of fluff.



These three guys have led us here for, some of them four years some of them three years. They have been an incredible asset to the University of Michigan. They exemplify what Michigan Basketball is all about. ... They're great students. They're great kids. They're maintenance free. They are gonna be on fire this weekend! ... All of them can play some defense too... so [I'll let them speak].

(pulls mic back) All of them are captains too, for those of you that did not know that.


... Thank you everybody for coming out. It means to us, the captains and the team. We've still got work to do.


Like Mohammed just said, this is something very special, something very cool for us as players. We are very grateful and happy that we can share something like this with such great people.


Not to be redundant, but these last four weeks have obviously been really special. And that's a huge part too, you guys. All the support you've given us. It's meant a lot. So cheers! We'll go down to San Antonio...


We got a long day ahead of us. We gotta get down to the airport. We've got a two and a half hour flight. We're gonna watch film tonight. We're gonna eat tonight. We're practicing in the morning there. These guys don't even know that! ... Michigan doesn't care. Just tell us what we've gotta do and we'll get it done.

We've got these great signs. These are going to be up in our locker room to make sure our guys remember all the great fans we have in Ann Arbor and around the world. GO BLUE!

Sorry for the choppy audio. Maybe someone can fill in the bits I missed.

Fluff Column in Chicago Trib: Being a Michigan Fan in a city of Loyola fans

Fluff Column in Chicago Trib: Being a Michigan Fan in a city of Loyola fans

Submitted by StephenRKass on March 28th, 2018 at 6:11 PM

Here is a link to a different kind of article. Eric Zorn has been a columnist in the Chicago Tribune for many years. He is also a Michigan Alum, whose dad was a Michigan professor. On very rare occasions, he has written a column highlighting his Michigan fandom.

LINK:  Choosing Loyalty over Loyola:  Why I'm rooting against the Ramblers

There is really no basketball content. But it does hit on the pressure in this particular community to root for Loyola. I didn't know it, but apparently there are 26,000 alumni in the Chicago area. (let alone family members, etc., who also root for Michigan.) The one thing he highlights is that no matter what, we will always be Michigan fans.


14 Months Ago: The Fire Beilein Threads.

14 Months Ago: The Fire Beilein Threads.

Submitted by stephenrjking on March 28th, 2018 at 5:30 PM

As we approach John Beilein's second Final Four, I thought it would be fun to review what people thought of the Beilein regime up to February of 2017. Note: Some of the stuff looks really stupid. Some of it was dead on, and we know this because the problems people complained about got fixed, often in big ways. In these linked threads you'll find embarrassing mistakes, but also accurate analysis of problems that Beilein subsequently fixed.

Names are not used in this post because we all say dumb stuff, and quotes shouldn't be held against posters today. I've actually deleted most of the highlights because I think it's mean-spiriited. Just a sampling is preserved to give people the general idea.

Two Years Ago:

The story actually starts with a mediocre 2015-2016 season whose highlight was a Kam Chatman three to beat Indiana in the B1G Tournament and a First Four win in Dayton. In March of 16, Brian posted a mailbag with a bunch of critical talk about Beilein. Here's a highlight:


What are the odds of replacing Beilein with someone who runs a clean program, fits culturally with the university, and achieves more success on the court? I put it at about 10%. That's not a chance worth taking for someone who may be marginally better. But the only thing that would satisfy these guys is if we were dominating the Big Ten. So then you need to consider the odds of getting the coach who runs a clean program, fits in culturally and consistently out-performs Izzo, Crean, et al. I put those odds under 1%.


I don't think that's clear yet. I do think we're going to see an offseason shakeup and hopefully a defensive specialist brought in. I am still resigned to the fact that Beilein's peak is likely to have already passed and that we'll probably be gunning for a Sweet 16 or two before he retires, not a title.

Well, Brian hit one out of two. Defensive specialist: Check. Ceiling: not so much.

Fire Beilein

Now we move to 2017, and a thread posted on January 11 after that loss to Illinois entitled: Fire John Beilein. It was a disastrous game that prompted the famed Maverick Morgan "white collar" quote that transformed Derrick Walton into a killer. 

Key quote from the OP: "Your team is no longer watchable."

i realize Beilein needs to go, but he ain't getting fired, warde seems too slow to react.

Ohio State 70, Michigan 66

We visit the nadir of the Beilein regime, a loss to a mediocre OSU team playing out the end of the Thad Matta regime. A highlight from the game story thread:

Starting to feel like the basketball version of the hoke regime

Last, but not least: The Fire Beilein Snowflake Thread from the same day:

is there anybody left

Who thinks he shouldn't be fired?............ (crickets)


It's time for Warde to get off his fat keister and do something. Beilein shouldn't be allowed to finish this season. Absolutely inexcusable to lose at home to this god awful OSU team with your tournament lives on the line. This team takes on the identity of its coach: soft, uninspired, boring

Ah, the memories.