WBB headed to the WNIT, sets new postseason streak record

WBB headed to the WNIT, sets new postseason streak record

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on March 14th, 2016 at 11:04 PM

For the third straight year, WBB is headed to the WNIT.

This is the 7th year in a row Michigan will be in the postseason which is now the new program record.

Michigan hosts Wright State on Wednesday at 7pm in the First Round. Potential Third Round game with Northwestern.


NCAA Sporcle Quizzes

NCAA Sporcle Quizzes

Submitted by Smoothitron on March 14th, 2016 at 10:25 PM

Take some quizzes and post your scores.

First one is some other guy's quiz I saw on the front page that's pretty cool.

Name the NCAA Coach based on a picture of them yelling:


The second one is one I made a while ago and posted here last year or the year before.

Name the state where the NCAA D1 team is located:

OT: Vegas 16 Tournament Can't Even Get 16 Teams

OT: Vegas 16 Tournament Can't Even Get 16 Teams

Submitted by BursleyHall82 on March 14th, 2016 at 6:19 PM

So, it turns out that with the NCAA, NIT, CIT and CBI, we didn't need a fifth post-season tournament after all.

The Vegas 16 is a new post-season tournament that was aiming to get 16 mostly Power 5 teams to play in a four-day tournament at Mandalay Bay. But after getting turned down by the likes of Northwestern and NC State, they couldn't even get 16 teams that wanted to play in their tournament. So the "Vegas 16" is now the "Vegas 8."

They were supposed to announce their bracket early this afternoon, but they kept delaying it because more and more teams kept turning them down. They eventually turned their 16-team tournament into an 8-team tournament.

So there are zero Power 5 teams in the field. Oakland U. is there, though, so if you're filling out your Vegas 8 bracket, you can start there.


John Beilein: huge Marvin Gaye fan

John Beilein: huge Marvin Gaye fan

Submitted by Erik_in_Dayton on March 14th, 2016 at 4:59 PM


CBS Sports asked various coaches about the music they listen to.  Coach Beilein's response showed he's got a little more soul than one might have thought.

Marvin Gaye Sexual Healing CD

This doesn't have anything to do with winning basketball games, but it made me laugh.

Johnny Dawkins Out at Stanford

Johnny Dawkins Out at Stanford

Submitted by jimmyshi03 on March 14th, 2016 at 4:55 PM

So Johnny Dawkins has been let go at Stanford. At Duke, he was chiefly responsible for player development during his tenure as Coach K's lead assisstant. 

Even for those of us not on team #FireBeilein, I think there's been a concensus that a staff shakeup may be in order. While former Duke assistants who get let go have in the past run home to mama, this could be an opportunity to bring on someone who has had player development success and has obvious ties to the program, at least in the short term. 


Kysre Gondrezick Wins MI Miss Basketball (2016 WBB Recruit)

Kysre Gondrezick Wins MI Miss Basketball (2016 WBB Recruit)

Submitted by Everyone Murders on March 14th, 2016 at 1:54 PM


Michigan women's basketball recruit Kysre Gondrezick just won the coveted Miss Basketball title, indicating she's the best player in Michigan.  Opening the Class B state tournament with a 72 point performance in a double-overtime certainly did not hurt her chances of winning the award, but this young woman can straight out ball.  2,827 career points, and a senior season per-game average over 40 ppg suggests that she will provide immediate help to Michigan next year. 

It's always good to see a Michigan recruit get this sort of recognition, and also nice to have Benton Harbor get some positive press.  Congratulations to Kysre!

Will Beilein teams (nearly) always be outmatched at the 4?

Will Beilein teams (nearly) always be outmatched at the 4?

Submitted by ypsituckyboy on March 14th, 2016 at 11:08 AM

Looking at the game with a short Tulsa squad and it seems like a good match-up for us, particularly because Tulsa can't exploit our lack of height at the 4 position. Zak Irvin is a stocky 6'6" but is usually forced to guard guys a fair bit bigger than himself.

That got me wondering if being undersized at the 4 is something Beilein teams will always struggle with on the defensive end. Given that our main sets are four out one in, Beilein ideally wants a player that's 6'7"+ who can put the ball on the floor and shoot well from outside. However, any player like that is going to be a hot commodity. Project-type guys like Uthoff are tough to predict and the ones that obviously fit the mold (TJ Leaf) make for a tough recruiting pull. Given the rarity of the ideal 4, it seems likely that Beilein will frequently be forced to roll with the less rare 6'5"-6'6" guy who can do the things on offense that his system requires and we'll end up having to pay the price on the defensive end. 

Think this will continue to be an issue down the line? Mo Wagner may fit the bill but I'm not seeing anyone else on the squad who has the 4 skills and size to fix the problem once Zak leaves.


Performances of past play-in teams

Performances of past play-in teams

Submitted by turd ferguson on March 14th, 2016 at 9:37 AM
I went through the past results for teams that won their NCAA Tournament play-in games.  The NCAA has been doing that since 2001 for at least one of the 16 seed games, but the first non-16 seed game was in 2011.  Here's how the winners of those games fared, setting aside the 16 seeds.
12 Clemson (beat UAB in play-in game)
  • Lost to 5 West Virginia, 84-76
11 VCU (beat USC)
  • Beat 6 Georgetown, 74-56
  • Beat 3 Purdue, 94-76
  • Beat 10 Florida State, 72-71
  • Beat 1 Kansas, 71-61
  • Lost to 8 Butler, 70-62 (Final Four)
14 BYU (beat Iona)
  • Lost to 3 Marquette, 88-68
12 South Florida (beat California)
  • Beat 5 Temple, 58-44
  • Lost to 13 Ohio, 62-56
13 LaSalle (beat Boise State)
  • Beat 4 Kansas State, 63-61
  • Beat 6 Arizona, 76-74
  • Lost to 9 Wichita State, 72-58 (Sweet 16)
11 St. Mary’s (beat Middle Tennessee)
  • Lost to 6 Memphis, 54-52
11 Tennessee (beat Iowa)
  • Beat 6 UMass, 86-67
  • Beat 14 Mercer, 83-63
  • Lost to 2 Michigan, 73-71 (Sweet 16)
12 NC State (beat Xavier)
  • Lost to 5 St. Louis, 83-80
11 Dayton (beat Boise State)
  • Beat 6 Providence, 66-53
  • Lost to 3 Oklahoma, 72-66
11 Ole Miss (beat BYU)
  • Lost to 6 Xavier, 76-57
Not bad at all.  It's a small sample, but there's not much here to suggest these teams tire prematurely or anything.  Overall in the NCAA Tournament, 11 seeds win their 1st round games about one-third of the time.  These guys went 3-2, with a couple of nice runs in there.

Tulsa Golden Hurricane Preview

Tulsa Golden Hurricane Preview

Submitted by Bambi on March 14th, 2016 at 12:29 AM


Who: Tulsa Golden Hurricane: 20-11 (12-6)

When: Wednesday at 9:10 PM on TruTV

Where: Dayton, OH

RPI Ranking: 61

KenPom Ranking: 58

SOS: 61

Neutral Record: 2-3

Road Record: 6-5


Tulsa is coached by former Miami (YTM) and Missouri coach Frank Haith. Haith is in his second year at Tulsa and took the Golden Hurricane to the second round of the NIT. They last made the tournament 2 years ago as 13 seed, losing their first game to UCLA. Haith has made the tourney twice as a coach, which occured in his first two years as Missouri's head coach. Both years Missouri lost in the first round, including as a 2 seed in 2012.

Year in Review

This was Tulsa's second year in the American Athletic Conference (AAC), previously being in the Conference USA. They went 20-11 overall, finishing 5th in the AAC with a 12-6 conference record. Tulsa averages 74 PPG and allows 69.7, both very middling marks nationally.

Tulsa went 8-4 in the non-conference. They had a bad loss to Oral Roberts, who finished 14-17 this year and 7th in the Summit, and beyond that lost to tourney teams Oregon State and Arkansas-Little Rock as well as borderline tourney team South Carolina. Their key non-conference wins were over tourney teams Wichita State and Iona.

In conference, Tulsa split the season series with tourney teams UConn, Cincinnati and Temple, as well as SMU who was ineligible for post-season play. They also lost to Houston and twice to Memphis, including by 22 points in the first round of the AAC tourney.

Tulsa's RPI splits:

vs. RPI Top 25: 1-1 (Both vs SMU)

vs. RPI Top 50: 3-5 (Wins vs UConn, Cinci, @SMU)

vs. RPI Top 100: 8-8

vs. RPI Top 150: 8-11 (Loses to Oral Roberts and Memphis x2 between RPI 100 and 150)

vs. RPI Sub 150: 12-0

Against tournament teams:

Wins: 6 (Wichita State, Iona, UConn, Cinci, Temple, SMU)

Losses: 6 (Oregon State, Arkansas-Lttle Rock, UConn, Cinci, Temple, SMU)

The Roster

Tulsa has 9 players that average at least 10 MPG (Michigan has 8, with Wagner, Chatman and Wilson all missing this mark) and play generally 10 players a game.

Tulsa's starting 5:

James Woodard: 6'3" SR G, Tulsa's leading scorer at 15.6 PPG, second leading rebounder at 5.2 RPG and second leading assister at 2.4 APG. Woodard has a 42/36/78 FG/3P/FT shooting split.

Shaquille Harrison: 6'4" SR G, Tulsa's second leading scorer (14.8 PPG), leading rebounder (5.5 RPG), leading assist man (4.1 APG), second on team in steals (1.9 SPG), has 46/18/64 shooting split.

Pat Birt: 6'5" JR G, Tulsa's third leading scorer (12.4 PPG), 3.4 RPG and .8 APG, 38/37/74 shooting split.

Brandon Swannegan: 6'9" SR F, 6.5 PPG, 3.9 RPG, leading shot blocker at .9 BPG, 58/0/61 shooting split

*Rashad Smith: 6'7" SR F/G, 7.2 PPG, 4.2 RPG, 1.2 APG, .7 SPG, .6 BPG, 53/25/56 shooting split

*Smith started Tulsa's tourney game against Memphis but not the previous 4 games, and missed 3 of them. Info on Tulsa online is light, but it seems like Smith was hurt and just got back healthy for the conference tourney. Starting in his place:

Marquel Curtis: 6'3" SR G, 6.7 PPG, 4.2 RPG, 2.2 APG, .8 SPG, 43/29/67 shooting split (Curtis will probably come off the bench but averages the 4th most minutes on the team, ahead of Swannegan and Smith)

The remaining contributors:

D'Andre Wright: 6'9" SR F, 5.2 PPG, 3.4 RPG, 48/0/70 shooting split

Rashad Ray: 5'10" SR G, 4.7 PPG, 1.9 APG, leads team in steals at 1 SPG, 36/32/60 shooting split

Sterling Taplin: 6'1" FR G, 2.7 PPG, 41/27/79 shooting split

The Takeaway

Tulsa seems to be a very guard oriented team like Michigan, starting 4 guards and 8 of their 10 contributors are guards. They are actually smaller than Michigan, with two 6'9" F's as their tallest regulars and all their guards being 6'5" or smaller.

Unlike Michigan they can't shoot at all. They have only three players shooting above 30% from 3 and no one higher than 37%, compared to 7 for Michigan with 4 above 37%.

Tulsa also seems to be a very senior heavy team, so they will definitely have a lot of experience on the court. Overall I think this matchup bodes well for Michigan, and we should definitely be the favorite to win this game, especially once you consider how bad of a coach Frank Haith really is.