OT: Am I a Bad American if I Root for Coach K to Lose?

OT: Am I a Bad American if I Root for Coach K to Lose?

Submitted by BursleyHall82 on August 11th, 2016 at 1:34 PM

OK, I'm as American as apple pie, and I've been rooting for every single one of our athletes and teams to win in Rio ... but when we started having problems in basketball against Australia yesterday, a big part of me was thinking, "You know, I'd be OK if Coach K lost this."

If that makes me a bad American, then so ahead and neg me. But I just hate that guy so much, and I hate that I have to root for a team that he's coaching to win. I felt this same way when Kelly Tripucka and Christian Laettner played for the Pistons.

Anybody with me on this?

MBB Recruiting: 2018 G Cormac Ryan offered

MBB Recruiting: 2018 G Cormac Ryan offered

Submitted by ypsituckyboy on August 7th, 2016 at 3:59 PM

After a solid showing at UM's college practice camp, Beilein extended an offer to the guard who's somewhere between 6'3" and 6'5" depending on what site you're reading.

Beilein went to basically every single one of his AAU games this summer, and he's from the same AAU program that Duncan Robinson is (Middlesex Magic). He goes to Milton Acadmey, a NE prep school.

I bet he ends up in the class (don't have any inside info, but is from a school that appreciates UM academics, has AAU connections, and likes Beilein's slow/low-key recruiting approach).

Moe Wagner's Growth

Moe Wagner's Growth

Submitted by Rumsey on August 5th, 2016 at 10:09 AM

Since we're all pining for football season to start, and it has yet to oblige, I figured some basketball talk might help us get through this sleepy Friday.

Particularly, I want to talk about Moritz Wagner. He came in at 6' 9" 210 lbs. and showed some promise as a freshman. He showed good hands, shot-blocking ability, and some nice touch around the basket. With some added bulk and more experience in Beilein's system he could have a huge sophomore season.

It appears he's making progress in the size department:

Moe Wagner update, 6'11.5" 240lbs. #EatLiftGrowRepeat pic.twitter.com/li5H7Lecf2

— Jon Sanderson (@CampSanderson) July 14, 2016

Improved vertical as well:

First lift rockin the Jordan Gear! #GoBlue @umichbball pic.twitter.com/EnfOLz02RG

— Jon Sanderson (@CampSanderson) August 1, 2016

In this picture he looks bigger then Donnal and Austin Davis:

Moe Wagner touched 12ft today,his baseline test as a freshmen was 11'4.5" Unbelievable! @umichbball @moritz_weasley pic.twitter.com/qkiXUe4jUW

— Jon Sanderson (@CampSanderson) August 5, 2016

Sam Webb and others have called him the biggest x-factor going into this season. I'm inclined to agree. Looking at the team as a whole, these are the things I think need to happen in order for this team to reach it's potential:
  • Wagner plays like McGary lite
  • Xavier Simpson is able to successfully platoon with Walton and MAAR in the backcourt
  • Irvin plays more consistently
  • Billy Donlon takes Michigan's defense to a new level
  • Duncan Robinson shoots like we all know he can all season.
I think a lot of these are within reach, which is why I see this team winning the B1G and having a nice deep tournament run. NOW DRINK MY KOOL AID.

OT: Time Warner invests in Hulu

OT: Time Warner invests in Hulu

Submitted by lilpenny1316 on August 3rd, 2016 at 2:58 PM

With the NCAA Tournament on the Time Warner channels, this is an interesting development for cord cutters.  Time Warner (TNT, TBS, CNN, etc) will have a 10% stake in Hulu.  Hulu is coming out with their own online live TV service, and those networks will be included.   

There is rumor that Hulu will have a basic $35 package to stream to one in-home or mobile device (I assume one at a time) and $50 for streaming to multiple devices.  As a Playstation user, I probably would not jump ship from PS Vue unless Hulu has a better channel offering.

Link (DetNews)

OT(?): UNC tells NCAA to go away, says NCAA has no jurisdiction over its cheating

OT(?): UNC tells NCAA to go away, says NCAA has no jurisdiction over its cheating

Submitted by superstringer on August 2nd, 2016 at 7:46 PM

Can't make this up.  UNC admits it had bogus classes that athletes took for good grades - an entire academic unit, in fact, was a sham.  BUT, UNC says, it's not an issue within the NCAA's authority to punish.


Apparently, the cheating was so rampant, non-athletes benefitted too.  And nothing in the NCAA rulebook says classes can't be really lame.  So UNC argues, the NCAA can't punish UNC.

It's laughable.  Either that UNC has the iron ballz to say this... or, that they are right.  Either way, what a joke.

Sign of the times, I guess.