Never take title game appearances for granted

Never take title game appearances for granted

Submitted by UMxWolverines on April 2nd, 2018 at 11:23 PM
Divincinczinscnzio was on fire and the rest of their team made their 3's any time we tried to make a run. It was gonna have to be a perfect game to beat them, but it wasn't meant to be. I still hate how touchy the refs called it, though. But no shame in losing in the title game. Villanova was clearly the best overall team this year without a doubt. Those of you who saw a basketball national title, football national title, and 2 hockey national titles should remmeber how good you had it. Some of us who were only in diapers when those NC's were won haven't seen us win one in a major sport. But it'll happen soon enough. Just remember how bad things were in 2014, no postseason for either of the 3. I'll take losing in the championship over being an also ran any day. This was a fantastic season, and we'll hang 2 banners! GO BLUE

National Championship: Michigan Basketball vs. Villanova Game Thread

National Championship: Michigan Basketball vs. Villanova Game Thread

Submitted by JWG Wolverine on April 2nd, 2018 at 8:50 PM

A few hours ago, during my endless nervous pacing, I made note of the fact that the last game thread I made was for the Texas A&M Game in the Sweet Sixteen. I then realized that I must step up to the same task tonight, to add some good luck for our team to deliver that same shooting performance, along with defensive shutdown, that is necessary for the win.

Before we get to our reactions throughout what will be a long and bumpy night (good or bad). I'd like to express my gratitude toward this team. In January of this year, after quite a New Year's Day. It didn't feel that great to be a Michigan fan. Now, here we are in April, and we have a basketball team once again shocking the world, THE RIGHT WAY, and they've got a lot more shocking to do tonight. Thank you to all these players for the hard work and great memories already made! I can't wait to potentially see another one made, with John Beilein at the top of that ladder tonight, as no coach deserves it more. From me and the rest of this dysfunctional MGoBlog family, regardless of the outcome: I thank him for putting a once lost program back in a state of not only stability-but stability on a high level. In a year of scandals sucking all of the credibility out of College Basketball, the program being widely regarded as the cleanest is the one wearing maize and blue. It just seems like tonight would be the perfect night for endless muppets, super soakers, maize ponchos, water bottles, screams and tears of joy, and most importantly, the greatest fight song ever written.

We have said less, and done more. Now....


Let's Go!

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Message from the last Michigan Basketball National Champions:

And all of the Michigan legends who couldn't pull it off themselves are rooting for you as well!

(The sign is at the game, btw)

GO BLUE!!!!!

Question on Wagner

Question on Wagner

Submitted by LLG on April 2nd, 2018 at 5:54 PM

While we are all waiting for the game, I thought I'd pose a genuine question about Mo Wagner for the Board -- particularly those who know a lot about basketball.  In my exuberance over Wagner's excellence, I mentioned to people that he should be a top 10 pick in the draft.  My brief reasoning was the a 6 foot 11 inch player who can shoot 3 pointers is valuable in the NBA today particularly because he looks like he is going to fill out and gain weight.  This was immediately guffawed by the other people around me (who aren't Michigan fans) and I did some research on it.  I was suprised that he isn't more highly regarded for the NBA.

What am I missing about today's NBA and/or Wagner's skills that don't make a higher draft pick?  And, separate question, how many spots has this tournament's play moved him up?

Any thoughtful answers greatly appreciated.  Dayenu!  And Let's Go Blue! 

Early Evening Drinking Thread/National Championship, Let's Go!!!

Early Evening Drinking Thread/National Championship, Let's Go!!!

Submitted by CoMisch on April 2nd, 2018 at 5:33 PM

Fuck yeah, friends!  Natty C tonight.  Finishing up a growler of Fat Head's Hop JuJu that I got for the semis.  Will switch over to my favorite 15 pack (All Day IPA) later.   This game can't start soon enough.  Let's go!!!!  Go Blue!!

Since We've Established We Cannot Work Today, How Are You Passing Time?

Since We've Established We Cannot Work Today, How Are You Passing Time?

Submitted by JWG Wolverine on April 2nd, 2018 at 2:56 PM

I know, this thread is stupid. But I, like many of us, don't know what to do with myself right now.

What you're supposed to do in the comments is pretty self-explanatory.

Me? I'm bingewatching Michigan Basketball, with games and moments such as:

  • 2013 Elite 8 Game vs Florida, and Nik Stauskas going OFF
  • 2018 UM/MSU, both the first and second one
  • 2018 UM/OSU
  • 2017 and 18 Big Ten Championship Games
  • 2017 Practice Jersey Game
  • 2017 vs Louisville 2nd Round
  • The Shot Game (Both Trey's and Jordan's)
  • 1992 Elite 8 and 1993 Final Four Games
  • 2013 National Championship (but NOT the whole game, just Spike stunning Dick Vitale)
  • 2018 Sweet Sixteen vs. Texas A&M

and lastly...

  • 1989 National Championship Game


Let's do what Michigan Basketball does, and Shock The World tonight. 

Go Blue.

Stay positive tonight ..plz

Stay positive tonight ..plz

Submitted by ralphgoblue on April 2nd, 2018 at 1:28 PM

Back in December if someone wouldve said Michigan is going to play in the National Championship game vs the best team in NCAA, we wouldve all jumped on that in a heart beat.With all due respect to Virginias great season,i think most people would say Villanova is the best team in college basketball

Of course we all want Michigan to win (i picked the Wolverines 79-68)  but if Nova is on fire it will be a hard task to win this game,we have seen Michigan go thru a few shootting slumps,we need 4-5 guys to be on fire to win this game.So no matter whats happens,plz dont jump all over Coach Beilein or the players,(like we always see in game threads)  these guys are about to face a great college basketball team

Win or lose this has been one of the greatest seasons in mens basketball history !!!

GO BLUE !!!!

Villanova's Implacable Death Machine Has Played Defenses Like Ours Before

Villanova's Implacable Death Machine Has Played Defenses Like Ours Before

Submitted by stephenrjking on April 2nd, 2018 at 1:07 PM

They are terrifying. The world believes, with ample reason, that they are going to carve us to pieces.

I had entertained the thought that maaaaaybe playing a defense of our caliber would result in different results than they're accustomed to. After all, we're really good. 

So I checked. And it turns out Villanova has played a defense like ours.

We are the kenpom #3 defense; Texas Tech is the #4 defense (paired with a kenpom #51 offense). And Villanova just beat them, by 12 points. 

And, uh, shot 4-24 from 3-point range. Brunson scored 15 points on 18 shot equivalents. They won based upon going 29-35 at the line.

So, um, they probably played a lot of good Ds in the Big East, right? I checked the kenpom D rankings, just scrolling and looking for "BE" in the conference file. 

After Villanova itself, the top BE defense I found was St. John's (#29), whom they played twice this year. In the first game at MSG, Donte DiVincenzo went 6-9 from 3 and Villanova won easily by (checks notes) 7 points, 78-71. In the second game, at Nova, Villanova... er, lost 79-75 while shooting 24% from deep.

Scrolling down the kenpom D rankings, the next BE team, at #39, is Providence. Their last meeting, at Providence? Um, 76-71 Providence, with Nova shooting an improbable 3-20 from beyond the arc.

D them up. Hope that the 30% chance our offense shows is a hit. And then, you never know.