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1. Offense

Starts at 1:00

What happens when their trash program does their trash stuff, and Michigan isn’t going to apologize anymore. Michigan gains about 400 yards, 78 of which on the fly to DPJ that’s been coming for years. Recurrence of Shea’s nervousness, one bad read on an arc keeper, but the zone reads were camera fakeout-level. Were able to grind out the end of the game.

2. Defense

Starts at 28:22

MSU ran a trick play from the 4 yard line to score—when you’ve got to do that… Ton of opportunities for MSU to get a PI, missed long a bit but for the most part refs fairly allowed the guy who won the route to run it. Lewerke did and didn’t practice this week. Uche had two sacks, leads the team with five despite little in the way of snaps. A Rutger is when a team gives more points than they have yards (so for example MSU had a rushing Rutger).

3. Special Teams, Thoughts and Feels

Starts at 44:03

Bad punting decisions. You cannot punt on 4th and 5 from the 38—that was an 18-yard net punt. If you’re in go-for-it field position you should be setting up a makeable 4th down. Wish M had a play to get a second score from spending all 2nd Q in MSU’s zone. The worst punter in the conference made the play of the game. Guy was punting ground balls with eyes that you can’t field in a rainstorm. Dantonio’s sad timeouts: there’s no dignity being a Spartan.

Marcus Ray: shut up. Old players bashing the team aren’t helping the team; they’re trying to get notoriety at its expense.

4. Around the Big Ten with Jamie Mac

Starts at 1:01:05

How’s Michigan going to defend Rondale Moore? Is Ohio State’s defense just bad? Haskins made Woody roll in his grave 73 times, 20 more passes than the previous Ohio State game record. 4th down is a different world sans Barrett. Wisconsin and Illinois played a weird snow game. Iowa gave Maryland no big plays, i.e. nothing. We nearly lost a conference room to the worst Rutgers team since they joined the conference, which is saying something. IU outgained Penn State but lost in a #Chaosteam-like performance and kickoff returns. If the playoff committee is considering 1-win teams, Nebraska is first. Frost will be fine but what about Fleck?


  • "Hate to Say I Told You So"—The Hives
  • "You Ain’t a Killer"—BigPun
  • "My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion"—The Flaming Lips
  • “Across 110th Street”


What part of the Wisconsin secondary is checking Rondale Moore?

Tyree Kinnel celebrates during Michigan's win over Michigan State

Remember the third quarter?


Michigan State scored off a trick play, after a turnover, tying a game in which it had been outplayed and it was like every iteration of this rivalry amalgamated into a five-minute span. It felt like you knew exactly how the rest of this thing was going to go, because we had seen this movie before.


When Michigan went three-and-out on the ensuing drive, Khari Willis dropping a surefire interception, it seemed like a prelude. Instead, it was another break in a game full of them, ending in a narrative-changing 21-7 victory.


If some of those breaks go a little differently — if the Spartans come down with a first quarter tipped ball instead of Nico Collins, if they do the same in the third quarter instead of Zach Gentry, if Willis doesn’t drop that pick — this might be a column about how the Wolverines still can’t get over the hump. Those plays have gone Michigan State’s way of late in this rivalry. And being able to win that weird, intangible element — clearing the “everything always goes against us” hurdle — might say more about Michigan than anything else it has done.


“Our team never blinked the entire time,” Jim Harbaugh told reporters. “They played hard, they played smart. From the pregame shenanigans, there was no backing down today by our guys. From then on.”


[After THE JUMP: A column]

Jim Harbaugh is into this rivalry

Things Discussed

  • The pregame incident
  • The trash talking, general chippiness
  • Shea Patterson's touchdown throw to Donovan Peoples-Jones
  • The running game's effectiveness
  • How Michigan turned it around after the third quarter

[After THE JUMP: These two teams don't like each other]

Shea Patterson shushes Michigan State crowd

Only appropriate that the trophy that looks most like a fullback is back in Ann Arbor

busted they ass

Shea Patterson and Jim Harbaugh


Michigan State football

The better team usually wins.