We continue with our extended but not drafty All-B1G tour of the conference.



BiSB: /blows the Draftageddon Horn

Ace: Where’d everyone go?

Seth: Should we do a vote whether to include Reschke?

BiSB: Only if it's unanimous.

Ace: The thing about Reschke is he’s not even that good aside from the racism.

BiSB: (We reserve the right to keep voting until it is unanimous)

Seth: What I gathered from spring practice is it's not Reschke's that good, so much as their other SAM options in spring were very bad.

Ace: HOWEVER, we should be discussing doom squirrels. Why are we not discussing the doom squirrels?

BiSB: Well, in the spirit of The Gaz, we should probably start with the leading returning tackler. Who in this case is... oh. Oh no.

Say it for me, Slackbot.

slackbot: I think you mean Rutger

BiSB: Sigh. Yes.

Ace: MGoBlog is Devin Bush, and the gentleman wearing #1 for Purdue is our readers’ expectations for this post.

Seth: Devin Bush ain't a squirrel anymore since Herbert got to him.


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More like a radioactive mutant badger with a surly attitude.

BiSB: Maybe that bulk will hurt his speed and athleticism?

Ace: That donut has a family.


Seth: TIL Bush's hits are an entire octave higher than Noah Furbush's.

Ace: Here he is chasing down an Air Force quarterback from behind on a delayed blitz.

BiSB: Are we concerned that his production tapered slightly as the year progressed? It seems like it was mostly teams adjusting to focus on the Doom Squirrel, but still.

Ace: The competition both got more difficult and started gameplanning to stay away from him. I’m not too concerned. When he had plays to make he was still quite effective.

Seth: The canonical Bush is still that screen against Purdue where the guy's about to trundle for YAAAARDs and this blue blip suddenly appears going 1.8x faster than anyone else in the frame.

BiSB: And as a Michigan fan, if the plan to limit Devin Bush is the Minnesota "leave the other little linebacker unblocked and see what happens" approach, I'm good.

Ace: Speaking of.

Does He count here?

Brian: Yes.

Ace: Oh good.

The Mathlete: I have Bush as the third most productive linebacker returning in the conference, even with a drop off at the end of the year.

Seth: Shouldn't we do HSPs separately?

BiSB: In 2018, I'm not sure we can distinguish cleanly between the two.

Brian: They're linebackers. They're just modern. Michigan's is just a little more extreme than the OSU/MSU walkout versions.

Seth: The thing I'm excited for this year is the next iteration of Don Brown's 3-3-5. Sending Furbush in as Bush's lead blocker surprised Florida but once it was on film teams were prepared for it. But they've got some more versatile weapons ready. Like Singleton, Uche, McGrone. Imagine if you're waiting for one guy to come in front of Devin Bush, and then that guy is ALSO Devin Bush.

Brian: Yeah this isn't what the post is though? There are probably other linebackers in the league

Seth: You got MGoBloggers talking about Devin Bush, really what did you expect?

Brian: Adherence to the stated topic.

[After the JUMP: Other linebackers in the league, probably]

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This week: I went through the entire Bentley database.

Rules: He has to be in the Bentley database, and I can only use a guy once, preferably where he played most.



Puckelwartz was unfortunate to have played at the same time as M's greatest ever QB

  • Giggle giggle I'm a 12-year-old: Bill Puckelwartz (HM Don Moorhead, Irv Uteritz)
  • Most esteemed member of an extremely exclusive Ann Arbor men's sitting club: Louis A. Brunsting Jr. or Ignatius M. Duffy
  • Best Nickname: John "Piggy" Pighee
  • Rolls off that tongue: Jim Breaugh
  • I could listen to Keith Jackson say this all day: DiAllo Johnson
  • Most literal: Matt Wilde
  • In the mystical and mysterious land of: Forrest Evashevski
  • Most presidential: Jack Kennedy
  • Best galactic overlord: Chris Zurbrugg
  • Good luck Ace: Harry Stuhldreher, Jr.

[After THE JUMP: Butt, Jokisch, Furbush, and some names you haven't heard]

DIB (#44) was on track, then gone [Eric Upchurch]

This a surprise: redshirt freshman Deron Irving-Bey is transferring to CMU, and is already on campus there, according to Evan Petzold.

So that's sad, and pretty unexpected. Irving-Bey (recruiting profile) came to Michigan a sushi raw 4-star frame of promise who'd never had a D-line coach. The only down note was sour Spartans claiming they didn't really want him anyway a week before Irving-Bey left for the Army Bowl.

Irving-Bey wasn't being mentioned as part of the two-deep this year, but since he's just a redshirt freshman and had all the technique still to learn, even the sudden move of RS junior Carlo Kemp to 3-tech behind Mike Dwumfour and Lawrence Marshall didn't raise any flags. To the contrary, Irving-Bey was listed at near 300 pounds on the latest roster, and earned some nice words from Mattison two weeks ago at the start of fall camp:

Deron Irving-Bey looks like a different person. I mean his body has changed right in front of your eyes and he's really starting to feel more confident, and I think you're going to see some good things from him this season.

Given the timing and the fact there's a guy just one class ahead of DIB poised to seize the starting job for the foreseeable future, this seems like a standard playing-time deal. Except his path to playing time at Michigan was as clear as it's ever been. Of the four(!) guys Irving-Bey came in with who could potentially play the off-tackle position, classmates Aubrey Solomon went to nose immediately, Donovan Jeter followed him this summer, and Phil Paea and James Hudson switched to offensive line. It's doubtful anyone's pushing from behind yet: the 2018 class had three defensive end types who might grow into tackles, but Aidan Hutchinson is competing to be Winovich's backup, while Welschof and Upshaw are even bigger developmental projects than DIB was at this time last year.

Michigan could be fine with three years of Dwumfour (provided his 2016 gets a medical redshirt) and two more of Kemp, and Mattison has as good a record as anyone at developing interior linemen. Or Dwumfour could leave after this year for the NFL and Michigan could be down to Kemp, and whatever they can recruit or raid from other parts of the roster. Those recruits should include currently committed 5-star Chris Hinton, 4-star Mazi Smith, and 3-star Tyrece Woods, and Hinton at least seems likely to be able to help immediately.

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DJ Durkin and how to not be him 

Joe Milton is the Spinal Tap QB. Note: NOT drummer.