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1. Kissing Your Brother (and a Loss) and Your Twin Sister (and a Loss)

starts at 0:50

The team didn't play badly against Michigan State and Minnesota but came away with just about the worst possible result given their effort. Team is constructed well, can't do more without more scoring liners. The draft picks are all concentrated on the blue line (and include Boka). Minnesota is odd because they're sorely in need of talent on D and have freshman forwards to spare.

2. Global

starts at 37:43

GLI and World Juniors are coming. A preview of the Michigan/other Big Ten players involved, plus some Red Wings draft picks. Canada is stacked this year--17 first or second round picks on that team. The U.S. has built a regular contender but medaling is hard enough this year. Hughes will be either the first pairing or the second-best defenseman and on the 1A pairing.


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I have a brother. We haven't kissed lately.

Joe Milton can play in a bowl and 2023 [Upchurch]

This was the first year under the NCAA's new redshirt rules that allow a player to participate in four games without that counting as a year of eligibility. According to participation reports Michigan managed to get to the end of the regular season without burning any unnecessary freshman redshirts, pending one fullback's unlikely participation in the bowl game. Since I have the data I figured I might as well share.

No Redshirt:

These three freshmen played in all 12 games

  • WR Ronnie Bell basically took over Eddie McDoom's role and finished with 145 yards and 2 TDs on 9 targets.
  • DE Aidan Hutchinson spent the season as Chase Winovich's backup, and while that may sound like a redshirt he was a valuable asset.
  • K Jake Moody was the kickoff specialist from Day 1 and won the placekicking job prior to the Indiana game.

They also missed a chance to get a redshirt on sophomore RB O'Maury Samuels, who played played in six of Michigan's first seven games before falling out of the rotation. And just for completeness purposes I'll mention reserve S Jaylen Kelly-Powell played in seven games, and WR Tarik Black might have been eligible for a sixth year if his foot injury limited him to four games this year, but he returned for MSU and has now played in five.

Already at Four:

FB Ben VanSumeren (WMU, SMU, Neb, NW) can maintain his redshirt status as long as he doesn't participate in the Peach Bowl.

Played Three Games or Fewer:

  • QB Joe Milton (Wisconsin, Rutgers, and OSU) is the big name, since it means he's available in case Patterson goes out again.
  • OT Jaylen Mayfield (WMU, Nebraska, Maryland) also has a shot to win a future tackle job in the bowl game with his redshirt secured.
  • RB Christian Turner (Nebraska, Wisconsin) had 13 carries for 63 yards before shutting down. He appears to be a part of the future.
  • RB Hassan Haskins (ND, WMU) appeared in a few games early in the year. He's not on either stat sheet.
  • Luke Schoonmaker of Connecticut was on the field against Rutgers, presumably a nice treat for family members who came to see him. He didn't register on the stat sheet.
  • Vincent Gray also got in against Rutgers according to the participation report (I didn't have this one)
  • Cameron McGrone got in on special teams versus Nebraska.

Did Not Play

Tight end Mustapha Muhammad and TE/OL Ryan Hayes never got on the field, as Michigan had plenty of tight ends and sixth OL candidates. On defense the two project DEs Julius Welschof and Taylor Upshaw didn't play this year, and neither did recently converted viper/slot receiver Michael Barrett nor the rest class of lengthy/leapy defensive backs: German and Gemon Green, Sammy Faustin, and Myles Sims as Michigan went most of the season with its three starters.

something something water [Patrick Barron]

Sometimes I don't have a column. In these times: just bullets.

12/8/2018 – Michigan 89, South Carolina 78 – 10-0

A sloppy outing ends in an eleven point win as Michigan is clearly better, so that's nice. Items:

The un-Michigan game. Michigan 1) rebounded almost half their misses, 2) turned it over 16 times, 3) made 77% of their free throws, and allowed the bricklayers on the other team to shoot 53% from two. This was very un-Dude. Certain things did make sense in the recent history of Michigan basketball. South Carolina got up just 11 threes, didn't go to the line much, and Michigan burned the nets themselves.

The New York Football Knicks. Man, when South Carolina commits a foul it is not subtle. Iggy got flying shoulder thumps immediately preceding most of his FTAs. Michigan hit the bonus with about 12 minutes left in the second half and that felt late. In the first half I kept looking up at the scoreboard to see which South Carolina player had just earned an autobenching only to find out that Martin was rotating his guys so thoroughly that none of the hacking removed key players for long stretches. Both Alanzo Frink and Felipe Haase had three fouls in about ten minutes. Silva fouled out late; five other guys had two fouls.

Jon Teske got some back when he trucked Silva:



That was deemed a charge; at least Teske got his money's worth.

Illuminati Charles Matthews. Matthews was 2/4 from two, 2/4 from three, 2/4 from the line, and had 2 DREBs and 4 OREBs. Spooooooky.

The defense slowly comes back to earth. Michigan's early two-point D was always going to be unsustainable and things are creeping back up. The good news is that folks are still posting items about Michigan's defense in relation to some of the best in the last decade of college basketball; the bad news is that Michigan's regressing back towards the mean faster than those defenses:

All of those teams had giant block rates. The only reason all three didn't finish first is that 2015 Texas (20%!) beat out 2015 Kentucky (18.2). Last year's MSU (18.5) team had Jaren Jackson (sometimes) and also finished first. Michigan is currently 115th—not bad, but not a number that is going to see you finish the season with a historically good two-point D.

Even if the absurd two-point D was a bit of a mirage, Michigan's D is still very very good in a sustainable fashion. They're forcing more "other twos" than anyone other than San Diego. They're 9th in the country at preventing threes from getting up, and are still top 50 at preventing the opponent from getting to the rim. Teske may not be a super elite shotblocking center but he's also averaging just 3.3 fouls/40, which is a major part of Michigan's #1 ranking in free throw rate allowed.

Michigan is going to be a very good defense. They probably aren't going to be #1 at the end of the year. If they are it's going to be because they're pretty good at two point D and funnel everyone inside the line.

[After THE JUMP: on the other hand this is still a Beilein team.]

He's at a barn dance, and a cow walks in, and he tries to mate with a calf

Down early, down again late, and unable to convert on special teams opportunities in between

why do you think

Michigan's defense was poor, but the Wolverines managed a comfortable win over a bad South Carolina team regardless.