Things Discussed

  • The run blocking was great
  • Scott Frost said some things two years ago
  • Injury updates on Chris Evans and Rashan Gary
  • Ben Mason did Ben Mason things

[After THE JUMP: LOL Nebraska]


On a day that featured the actualization of the Platonic ideal of a Harbaugh-led offense, a legitimate argument can be made for the defense being the most impressive unit on the field. In other words, Scott Frost, so used to disputed titles, couldn't even find one phase of the game to hang his hat on. Michigan outrushed, outpassed, and, yes, outhit Nebraska en route to their most complete game of the young season.

[Photo by Sgt. Wolverine]

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Nebraska Links: Preview, FFFF Offense, FFFF Defense

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versus Goliath

The Sklars! The Sklars! The Sklars!

the live version, with Sklars

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