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The writing was on the wall for this one for a long time and now it is official:

Newsome nearly lost his leg after a defensive back decided to cut him once he rumbled to the edge. That's a perfectly legal play that probably shouldn't be legal. Newsome's statement:

Michigan had to know that Newsome's return was a distant possibility for a while, and has been preparing as if he would not return for some time. Getting him back would have been a bonus; as it is Jon Runyan and appears to be locking down the left tackle job, with Jaylen Mayfield and Andrew Stueber pushing from behind, and a JBB-Hudson battle on the right side.


This surprises nobody and may or may not be meaningful. The apparent sequence of events: Harbaugh tells local Alumni Association group that Patterson will start, word filters out, reporters ask, Michigan shrugs and says yes. On the one hand, that means there's been little mystery inside the program for a while. On the other, this may have been the case for previous QB battles but there was no precipitating event.

Anyway, prepare for the Tatening 2.0.

[Bryan Fuller]

This week in Big Ten programs one-upping each other in a race to the bottom: DJ Durkin should be fired into space. Full stop. There is no planet on which the Jordan McNair incident happens in a program constructed to value human beings, or even competently exercise:

"Our preliminary investigation reveals there is an unexplained one-hour time period when nothing significant was done to avoid the complications of heatstroke," Murphy said. "Although there is some evidence they allegedly tried to cool him down, he should have been iced immediately. He presented at the hospital with a temperature of 106, which means he was not cooled down.

"We're very concerned about the unexplained one hour between the time of the seizure and hyperventilating that was observed by a coach, and what happened in that remaining hour before the EMT people were actually called. This points to an utter disregard of the health of this player, and we are extraordinarily concerned that the coaches did not react appropriately to his injury."

That's a soon-to-be plaintiff's lawyer but given the explosive revelations about the Maryland program from many different anonymous sources, it's a plaintiff's lawyer about to be on the right side of a case.

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Joe Milton is the Spinal Tap QB. Note: NOT drummer. 


Gary or Bosa? How about Winovich?

I can roast John U. Bacon all day. 

With fall practice underway we collect the bits and bobs from pressers, podcasts and some of the message boards on how the position battles are shaking out and whatnot.