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1. Offense

starts at 1:00

Game was out of hand too quickly to see downfield throws—what with PI turned off and all, 5.5 YPA isn't a concern. Higdon TD they inserted Mason on the back side of the line, playside LB followed him. Mason as the Mooseback inside the 10: yum. Hidgon looked more tackle-breaky, better fit for M's offense. McCaffrey looks to have seized #2—arm strength eh, run speed McCaffreyian. Michigan may have something in Ronnie Bell. Ambry Thomas Pepcat package? Tru Wilson setting up blocks. Pass pro better?: Michigan chipping especially on JBB's side. Vastardis is the 3rd center.

2. Defense

starts at 27:36

Targeting on Khaleke Hudson was complete and total garbage from the WORST officiating crew in the Power 5. He's tackling the quarterback with his face in the QB's chest. That's what you want! Glasgow had some busts and some plays. Bush got an ooooh hit from the crowd. Rashan Gary read the message boards this week. Josh "Martellus" good all-around game. Deeply unfair PI calls: hate PI on terribly thrown balls when the DB is in a better position than the receiver.

3. Special Teams/General Thoughts

starts at 54:23

David doesn't believe in "getting on the board." Brian isn't properly impressed enough at DPJ's return. David isn't properly impressed by Oliver Martin's athleticism. Nobody was expecting Will Hart's Heisman campaign. Nebraska uses the return fair catch rule correctly and the Michigan fans booed them.

4. Around the Big Ten with Jamie Mac Without Jamie Mac

starts at 1:14:56

Jamie couldn't make it. How does the Purdue defense hold [annoyingly good former M commit RB] to under 100 yards? The Gio Rescigno Era resumes, Buffalo more than covers the spread. #FloatTheBoat. Weird Penn State was willing to play on a Friday night, but it's on the road vs Illinois and gives them an extra day before OSU. Pass to open up the run against MSU and throw inside: Whop had a big day, IU did not. Wisconsin survives Kinnick at Night, Iowa couldn't field a punt.


  • "MMMBop"—Hanson
  • "Scotty Doesn't Know"—Lustra
  • "What You Meant"—Franz Ferdinand
  • “Across 110th Street”


    You and your sad field goals.

    Standing near the entrance of Crisler Center’s media room, Chase Winovich spoke a simple, cruel truth.


    “Yeah, I think we out-hit them today,” Winovich said. “I’m interested to see if maybe he has a different opinion of it.”


    The he, as you may already know, is Scott Frost, who found a dubious silver lining in UCF’s 51-14 loss to Michigan two years ago. There was no such silver lining for Frost’s Nebraska Cornhuskers on Saturday after a 56-10 shellacking that, really, wasn’t even as close as that.


    Michigan out-hit Nebraska. It out-ran Nebraska. It out-played Nebraska. It nearly ran Nebraska out of the stadium, onto I-80 and back to Lincoln.


    [After THE JUMP: 2016 vibes]

    Things Discussed

    • The run blocking was great
    • Scott Frost said some things two years ago
    • Injury updates on Chris Evans and Rashan Gary
    • Ben Mason did Ben Mason things

    [After THE JUMP: LOL Nebraska]



    versus Goliath

    The Sklars! The Sklars! The Sklars!