Michigan's second 2020 commit came quick on the heels of their first, and in a similar situation: a camp offer to a life-long Michigan fan who pulled the trigger. In Andre Seldon's case it took him a couple of days to make it official, but once the offer was out it was pretty much over.

Seldon is a very different kind of cornerback than the guys Michigan piled into their 2018 class. Those guys are 6'2" fade annihilators to a man; Seldon is listed at 5'9", 160 and might be a little smaller than that. But dude has been in the hip pocket of everyone in camps this spring and put down a couple of 4.3 40s at Michigan's camp, making him hard to overlook even if he's literally easy to overlook.


247 ESPN Rivals Composite
3*, #351 overall
#24 CB, #8 MI
NR 3*, NR overall
#26 CB
3*, #416 overall
#29 CB, #11 MI

Both sites that have ranked Seldon have him in the 3.5 star range. Given his camp performances, which are detailed after the jump, those rankings are conservative early takes based on his size. If he's really 5'9" and grows an inch or two—very possible for rising juniors—he could have significant upward mobility. If he's really 5'7" and not sprouting further his size will put a hard cap on his rankings around about where they are now.

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Does this warrant the "commits come in seemingly endless waves" yet or do we need another? Uh, anyway:

Velazquez is a 2019 safety sort who Michigan plans to play at viper, per Sam Webb, and was an Ohio State baseball commit. He evidently plans to play both sports at Michigan, which hasn't happened in quite a while.

As a football recruit, Velazquez is... nondescript, slotting in just inside the top 1000 on the composite and listing offers from Cincinnati and Indiana. But Khaleke Hudson wasn't even a consensus four star despite his rim-rattling dunk-tape; Michigan's requirements for viper often see them recruit guys the recruiting industry considers marginal tweeners.

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Tiller-era in more ways than one. This twitter bomb(!) from one of Purdue's recruiting yokels is frankly baffling:

Why pick a fight with a program that held you to 15 yards in the second half last year? Why get mad about Michigan getting recruits? You're at Purdue! With limited exceptions for legacies and locals the number of bonafide recruiting battles you're winning against Michigan—against, hell, most of the Big Ten, is zero. Also Purdue's leading receiver averaged 3.6 catches a game.

I feel like this guy bought a Big Dogs shirt for the first time and was overwhelmed by it while near his phone, and he'll return to a mild-mannered citizen tomorrow when he puts his Ron Jon back on. It happens. It's good, really. It's fun when Purdue has a bunch of ornery passing maniacs who talk shit and bend rules.

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Michigan's first 2020 commit is a speedy wide receiver out of Ohio who has a jugs machine and the videos to prove it. 

Michigan gets a 2020 camp commit from cornerback/slot ninja prospect out of Belleville that people have known about for quite some time.

Michigan has its first commit of the 2020 class, a 6'1" receiver out of Columbus.

It’s “Recruiting rankings don’t matter!” guy’s turn to forward a link that proves nothing except we’re short on #content in the offseason