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I know this game left a lot to be desired but there was one play in the IU game that went entirely to script, and also demonstrated a few things about Michigan's offense as it spurts and blorps its way toward being really good.

After all the field goals early in this game, it felt great to get an easy touchdown. It was also a route combination I've been hoping to see a lot more of from Michigan this year from their multi-TE sets. It's been a staple of Harbaugh's passing games going back at least to Stanford. And the guy who designs the playbooks for Madden noticed it immediately:


The primary concept of Harbaugh's offense is creating more gaps. Often this means bringing somebody from the backfield to insert somewhere, whether that be a fullback, a tight end from the other side, or a lineman who pulls. The other way to do that is extend the line of scrimmage:


Against Indiana, Michigan was running a lot of early pin and pull-type plays where they loaded up with tight ends and used a pulling guard as the kickout, starting with the first play of the game, a "counter" from their trips-TE look:

And then this almost touchdown a few plays later:



This is mansome stuff. Michigan is cracking the MLB with their best blocking tight end, blocking down on IU's weaker (normally backside) linemen with both offensive tackles, kicking out a safety on the edge with whatever Onwenu weighs times however much Onwenu is accelerating, and pulling an uncovered lineman (Ruiz) from the backside to boot.

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Jim Harbaugh will try and beat Urban Meyer for the first time this Saturday

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Michigan picks up a versatile defensive back out of Georgia:

2019 four-star cornerback Jalen Perry (Dacula, GA) committed to Michigan over South Carolina on Saturday, giving the Wolverines their second top target at the cornerback position this cycle from the state of Georgia.

Perry was a Georgia commit until a month or two ago, when Georgia gave him the "we like you as a safety" talk and he decided to peace out. South Carolina was the other major contender in the aftermath of his decommitment but Auburn and Florida both hosted him on officials and seemed to have committable offers out.

Perry is Michigan's 26th commitment at the moment, but the writing appears to be on the wall with TN RB Eric Gray after he didn't come up for either the Penn State or Indiana games.

There's been a bit of a backlog when it comes to hello posts since [gestures to season] and this will get added to it; I'll knock those out in December.

Man is a rope over an abyss, and Michigan should cut the damn rope 

The hoody-doody, I hope they run that next week.

Michigan's defense is again dominant in win over Providence.

Jim Harbaugh spoke to the media after Michigan's win over Indiana

Jim Harbaugh speaks to the media after Michigan's win over Indiana