Quintel Kent return
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Like the hydraulic scaffolding from which David filmed, Quintel Kent has been on the rise. Bill Greene, 247’s Ohio uber-scout, wrote about Kent earlier this month and spoke highly of his skill set; it’s not hard to see why Greene re-ranked him in September. It is a bit surprising, though, as  Kent’s Hello post quotes a July scouting report from Greene in which he says he will remain open-minded but thinks Kent is properly rated. 247’s rating then: #1105 overall, #130 WR. Their rating now: #657 overall, #89 WR. He wasn’t even ranked in the composite when he committed in August, where he is now a three-star and #1257 overall. What a difference an offseason makes.

David thought we should see what we could see over the course of a full game and added Kent to the FBO schedule. He also added Woodstock BBQ in Lakewood to the list of this year’s restaurants, later texting me that it was really good but that the sauce wasn’t as good as City BBQ. Ohioans, to the comments! 

As the saying goes, “the best-laid plans of FBO and David often go awry.” Though there was no lightning delay, Kent’s St. Edward squad ran St. Joseph’s ragged by halftime, which led to a Kentless second half. He did his part in the first half to contribute to his second-half rest, which is my way of subtly influencing you to hit the jump.

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Tyree Kinnel makes a tackle against Northwestern

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THAT is why Joe Flacco is not elite and I swear to God if Mongolia brings up QBR one more time

Come on the podcast, Mahmoud. The former president of Iran is on team Harbaugh:

The replies to this tweet are all the same joke but it still works. Because the former president of Iran is on twitter, offering takes if Allah wills it.

That's a shame dot gif. Nick Bosa has peaced out permanently, per Tim May:

Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa and his family apparently have decided to focus on the next phase of his football career, which means his emphasis will be on training for the 2019 NFL draft once he is cleared to do so, several sources told The Dispatch on Tuesday.

That means he will not try to return to play for the Buckeyes this season.

The preseason All-America suffered a core muscle injury in the win against Texas Christian at Arlington, Texas, on Sept.15. He underwent surgery in Philadelphia late the next week to repair the injury, and he has been on the mend since.

The sources said that Bosa met with OSU coach Urban Meyer and some of his staff on Sunday to let them know of the decision he, his father John Bosa and the family had reached about his future.

They elected him captain. Whoops. If 74 more OSU players get injured by the time the Game rolls around then we'll be even in the recent history of the series.

A defense that can be had. Post-Bosa OSU defensive performances have been getting steadily worse, culminating in a game against Minnesota where the Gophers moved the ball most of the day only to shoot themselves in the foot at crucial moments. OSU's seemingly total unfamiliarity with RPOs was a major contributor:

Minnesota is an RPO team, and the Golden Gophers used that to great effect all day, slicing Ohio State up in the middle of the field and forcing the linebackers to feel like there were wrong no matter what they did.

Minnesota hit slant after slant, the Gophers throwing for 218 yards and putting together four drives of at least 58 yards.

"We knew the looks we were going to be able to get," Minnesota coach P.J. Fleck said. "They played the exact looks we want to be able to get, and we took advantage of that."

All those inside throws were RPOs, or run-pass options. The Gophers go to the line with two options on a play, and decide whether to hand off or execute a quick pass based on how the defenders, often the linebackers, react.

With Ohio State's linebackers typically playing close to the line of scrimmage, and the OSU secondary playing man defense, Minnesota threw to open windows inside with no defender in a passing lane. When Ohio State's linebackers stayed back, they ran.

Hopefully there's another long con in progress from M.

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Shea Patterson

Haha, foiled, you silly tight end. I am inside you and your running back is…wait whereareyougoing?

Jim Harbaugh coaching, as coaches do

Jim Harbaugh talks to the media in advance of Michigan's game at Michigan State.

Rutgers basketball, still bad folks

Big Ten Basketball: The Best Complement to Seasonal Affective Disorder

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