Things discussed

  • How to correct the penalties
  • What happened on SMU's long touchdown
  • Jaylen Kelly-Powell is back
  • Special teams questions

[After THE JUMP: So many special teams questions]


Things discussed:

  • Injury updates on Chris Evans and Karan Higdon
  • Tru Wilson coming into his own
  • Christian Turner's progress
  • Ben Mason wants to bludgeon people

[After THE JUMP: The running backs are pretty, pretty good]

[Patrick Barron]

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FORMATION NOTES: Closer to a 50/50 gun/under-center split, although a high number of goal line snaps (6) and short yardage I-Form (5) distort things. Outside of short yardage is was close to the 2/3rds gun ratio we've seen so far this year. SMU responded by playing MSU's defense, more or less:

4-3 over

4-3 over, over and over. Their safeties were less aggressive; their linebackers were more aggressive; their CBs were more prone to off coverage than press. Still pretty close.

SUBSTITUTION NOTES: As per usual on the OL and at TE. With Higdon out, Wilson got maybe a third of the snaps. O'Maury Samuels got one near the end. WR rotation also pretty much what you'd expect, except Grant Perry got a fair amount of his PT as an outside WR since Michigan ran a ton of 2TE sets—2/3rds of their snaps. There were even three 3TE sets.

Ben Mason got his usual dozen snaps, in this case heavily slanted to short yardage.

[After THE JUMP: run woes, or no?]

meep meep

A guard's guard

Shea Patterson, Ben Mason and Kwity Paye talk to the media.