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WHAT Michigan vs Nebraska wG6l0e_5_400x400
WHERE Michigan Stadium
Ann Arbor, MI
WHEN Noon Eastern
THE LINE Michigan –18
WEATHER low 60s, partly cloudy
0% chance of rain
minimal wind


I know Nebraska's 0-2 and in a year zero as Scott Frost takes over for a guy who had Nebraska in such a state that the first time anyone on the team touched a weight two guys got rhabdo, but 18 points? If I'd been sipping tea when I read that was the line it would have been spit take city, baby. Apparently I'm alone in this. The line hasn't budged since its release.

And okay yeah Nebraska hasn't been killing it but the Troy loss came without their starting quarterback—Michigan fans do not need to be told how devastating that loss can be—against a team that beat LSU last year and the Cornhuskers outgained Colorado by 150 yards. They ran for 329 yards! What part of that says "easy three score win" to you, Las Vegas?

I mean, Michigan should probably win this game but it's not the 90%+ shot the line says. I feel like I am taking the crazy pills. Unless Adrian Martinez is out. Then, yeah, 18 points. Survey says:

"He's further along," Frost said. "Again, it isn't just 'Is he ready to go?' It's 'Is he ready to go mentally and physically to the point that he can protect himself in the game and make sure he stays healthy?'

"He's really close. We gotta make a final decision."

Why is this game even on the board?


[Isaiah Hole]

That escalated quickly. The above-the-break portion of last week’s roundup was dedicated to coverage of Daxton Hill’s upcoming visit because obvious things are obvious. I did not expect to be writing about him in the same portion of the round up again a week later. Sure, the articles linked in that post were packed with restrained optimism, but this was a Michigan v. Alabama recruiting battle. And yet.

Things started to pick up with a Sam Webb board post that detailed Hill’s visit as close to minute-by-minute as possible and detailed everything from who Hill sat with to his body language. He closed that post by saying “My read on the confidence level in Ann Arbor coming off the visit is it's as high as ever.” Then WolverinesWire’s Isaiah Hole interviewed Hill on his podcast and Hill responded with a hesitant “Uh, I really don’t know” when asked about whether he was going to take any other officials and how long it would be before he made a final decision about committing. That’s no surprised in hindsight, as Steve Lorenz reports that the Michigan staff knew Hill was going to commit to them after his official visit. Hill even shared with Hole in an off-the-record conversation that, though he wouldn’t say where, he knew what school he would commit to but wasn’t sure when he would do it.

Then Hill dropped the news publicly on Tuesday night, and the recruiting sites are still surveying and reporting on the aftermath. Any recruit rated as highly as Hill by all of the services naturally induces some by-the-numbers content after he commits of the “highest-rated since…” variety like this post from The Wolverine, this post from Nate Wiggins of The Wolverine Lounge, and this list of 15 quick-hitters from The Athletic’s Cody Stavenhagen; Hill’s verifiably insane verified testing results from The Opening also lend themselves to these articles.

Analysis posts of various sorts have also popped up, such as this Josh Helmholdt piece and accompanying video (which features film of Hill from field level) on Hill’s skillset and what adding him to the class means to Michigan fans. WolverinesWire’s Isaiah Hole sat down with Devin Gardner for their weekly segment and Gardner gave a detailed scouting report based off of Hill’s ludicrous highlight reel. 247 has a few bits about who helped with the recruitment behind the scenes, including this Steve Lorenz piece that mentions lead recruiter Sherrone Moore, about whom Brice Marich has more.

Another round of articles were published after reporters had a chance to reach out to others for comment. Sam Webb put up a piece with some choice quotes based on an interview he did with Stan Edwards (yes that Stan Edwards) on the radio.

“Daxton Hill the player…I think you described him perfectly,” said Edwards. “I would agree with you because I was around when Tripp Welborne came through here. That is a pretty good comparison. I sat next to Daxton (at the SMU game). Berkeley (i.e. Stan’s son) is on the team now, so our tickets are always in the same area. So I got a chance to sit next to Dax during the game. We talked about safety play. I said, ‘listen, you’ve got skills like Eric Berry. You’ve got skills like Ed Reed.’ I said, ‘don’t ever forget about your man to man cover skills.’ He stopped me in the middle of conversation, put his hands on me and said, ‘nah, I work on that every day. That’s something I always work on.’”

[After THE JUMP: More on Hill. Also, remember that other five-star, the one who was supposed to commit and still hasn’t?]

Slants! But not much else. 

Suddenly competent?

Scott Frost's mom didn't put Rutgers in the Big Ten

It's a Rutgers Rutgers Rutgers Rutgers World