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Nebraska Links: Preview, FFFF Offense, FFFF Defense

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Something's been missing from Michigan gamedays since the free programs ceased being economically viable: scientific gameday predictions that are not at all preordained by the strictures of a column in which one writer takes a positive tack and the other a negative one… something like Punt-Counterpunt.


By Bryan MacKenzie

This game is all about history. But not in the way you’re being sold on it.

Like a high schooler doing an oral report on a book after only reading the back cover, every talking head is going to lean into the same narrative for this game. DID YOU KNOW Scott Frost once quarterbacked Nebraska? And now he now coaches Nebraska. AND AT THE VERY SAME TIME, Jim Harbaugh once quarterbacked Michigan, and now HE now coaches at HIS alma mater. Get it? BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Scott Frost quarterbacked Nebraska in 1997, when his Nebraska team claimed a share of the national title with Michigan. And Michigan fans are displeased about that. Boy, look at all these interweaving plot points!

And that was fine when Michigan was playing Frost’s UCF team (before UCF won a national championship that is approximately as legitimate as Nebraska’s 1997 claim). I mean, what other narratives were they going to use? The two teams had never played. There were no other plot points.


I would propose an alternate course of action, sir

But, believe it or not, Michigan and Nebraska are in the same conference, and have been for over seven years. You may ask yourself, “wait, why?” And this would be a valid question, but one for another day. All you need to know is that Michigan and Nebraska have played four times since 2005. And the results are not encouraging.


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1 hour and 35 minutes

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1. Upon Further Review: SMU

starts at 1:00

Takeaways on offense: Shea is a super accurate QB. Run game is still good. Passing game as a whole is a marked improvement. This is a very short segment.

2. The Sklars, Part I: We Grill Them on Comedy

starts at 10:07

We talk about the history of their comedic routine and then share a handful of amusing stories abut sports and life. Also: will Michigan ever rush the Big House field ever again? Brian doesn't to talk about sports but the Sklars only want to talk about sports.

3. The Sklars, Part II: They Grill Brian on Football

starts at 44:15

Our esteemed guests stayed for more! Brian and the Sklars debate potential movie ideas, how comedy has changed over the years, and why they love reading MGoBlog. Grant Newsome is a future President, Rashan Gary is a team leader. Mark Dantonio’s heart attacks are disrespected.

4. Nebraska Preview

starts at 1:12:25

Nebraska’s QB Adrian Martinez may play, but if he does, he’s pretty good at running. The Huskers rely a lot on Zone Read. Small tweaks to basic concepts. Passing comes out of those sets. Pretty good WR corps and another good slot dude. Michigan needs to keep contain if Martinez plays. Nebraska’s defense is bad. Retooling the scheme and personnel in year 1 under Frost and Erik Chinander. Michigan needs help from the TE’s to have success on the ground against big defensive linemen. Patterson needs to be ready to feast.


If you or a friend made some good tunes and don't have a label out scrubbing for them we'd be happy to feature you.

Featured tonight: The Neal Anderson Quintet

  • “M-119”
  • “Parallel Fifths”
  • “Bacon Sundae”
  • “Across 110th Street”


Welcome to Ft. Worth, he was alive when we left.

the live version, with Sklars

mmm bop don't hit scott frost's mom with a shovel / that's a felony doo wop 

or Ed Reed nbd

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