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Pahokee, FL — 6'5", 234


24/7 3*, #449 overall
#15 PRO, #60 FL
Rivals 4*, #200 overall
#11 DUAL, #37 FL
ESPN 4*, #119 overall
#7 DUAL, #27 FL
Composite 4*, #204 overall
#9 PRO, #35 FL
Other Suitors UF, UGA
YMRMFSPA Pahokee Ryan Mallett
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Joe Milton is either going to be the greatest quarterback in the history of the game or a malfunctioning sprinkler system. There is no in-between! Unless there is!

This is to say that Milton is one of those quarterbacks: the guy with the proverbial cannon arm. The cannon's dial goes to 11, starts at 11, and all numbers between are also 11:

Upon being asked for his assessment of the Michigan quarterbacks, redshirt junior tight end Zach Gentry immediately said, “Joe Milton throws the hardest ball of all time.”

Nico Collins:

"That boy can sling it. Those slants and curls ... you can feel it in your palms, they'll sting a bit."

SBN's Bud Elliott provided a thorough scouting report on Milton after watching 100+ of his throws at a 7 on 7 tournament: of the strongest arms in the country. It’s really something to see in person. One of Milton’s receivers told me his chest hurts after games, and indeed some of his best throws were dropped by receivers who are not as good as the players he will throw to at the next level. The 6’4.5, 222-pound QB fires rockets all over the field. He can make throws others cannot. ... Right now, he is like a pitcher with a 100-mile-per-hour fastball who needs to develop his other pitches. ... If Milton can learn to change the speed and arc on his throws to fit the situation and read defenses more quickly, he could be a beast at the college level.

(That post has 20-30 of those passes in a video if you'd like to confirm or dis-confirm that for yourself.) Even Harbaugh, who's seen a QB or two, is impressed:

“Joe did fantastic, better than you’d expect a freshman at mid-year to be. He’s really talented. Very high ceiling. Big arm. You’d really have to be there to see it. You may have heard (it’s strong), but to see it in person … you’ve got to be there. Pretty good.”

There are passing mentions of 85-yard throws, naturally. There is a distressing high school completion percentage, naturally. And there is the usual scramble to go get the guy from the lingering pro-style wing of college football. Michigan won out and either has Andrew Luck, but with a good arm, or a paperweight.

[After THE JUMP: could be good, could be not good. But Pahokee!]


I know it's a major disappointment to everyone but rather than bringing on extra staff to cover our labor shortages this summer we've decided to curtail our annual draft format All-B1G preseason series into a position-by-position chat. Fear not, we promise to do a doubly-long Draftageddon next year.




Seth: /ducks

Ace: Obviously the place to start here is with the conference’s returning sack leader: Northwestern junior Joe Gaziano.

Seth: Don't sleep on Gaziano, that dragon's real, though he did most of his burninating against bad competition.

Brian: Holy crap you're right. And he was just a sophomore.

Ace: He had a pretty fun highlight in there, too:

Brian: Gonna have to be dealing with the Gaz for two more years.

Ace: Jumpin’ Joe Gaziano.

Seth: He was remarkably consistent. No more than 2 TFLs in any one game, and finished with 12.5.

Brian: he's 280? Like he's a legit SDE?

Seth: Correct.

BiSB: He's a real player. And in many conferences, he would actually be noticed.

Brian: I did not expect to spend the front bit of this post talking about Joe Gaziano, but here we are.

Ace: The spirit of Draftageddon cannot be diminished. Anyway: Rashan Gary or Nick Bosa?

…are we too afraid of both to answer?

[After THE JUMP: Well, are we?]

Things discussed:

  • Ira agrees to let Brian choose his walk-in music
  • Maryland: Good for Jabrill for speaking; there's a code of silence in football that enables guys like Durkin
  • Lesson: always go to the media. Don't internal it. Don't spin it. Spill it, take care of it, and move on.
  • Are we the evil conference? Let's create a new conference that's just Wisconsin, Iowa (if they solve that Rhabdo), Northwestern
  • Roasting John U. Bacon
  • Previewing Notre Dame: Wimbush is a 50 percent thrower and Don Brown is going to have a way to screw with that. If you can't complete passes against Michigan it's over.
  • Michigan's worry: if Solomon and Dwumfour get pushed around
  • RPOs in the offense can protect your OTs—can't help on the inside though
  • Ole Miss was just 60th in sack rate despite similarly bad OL as Michigan by structuring their offense around it.
  • Michigan's offense: spread TE? Gentry had a ludicrous yards per target despite so many misses when he was open.
  • Patterson has a good timer; if he didn't he wouldn't be alive.
  • MSU/OSU schedule problem: hope but not until the next round, which is far in the future.
  • Slot fade solution: put Hill on the slot and draw in Ambry on 2nd and long, 3rd and long

You can catch the entire episode on Michigan Insider's podcast stream on Podbean.

Segment two is here. Segment three is here.


With fall practice underway we collect the bits and bobs from pressers, podcasts and some of the message boards on how the position battles are shaking out and whatnot.

Christian Turner is a weeble wobble 

Michigan plays some teams... BUT WHICH ONES???

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