As Seth posted yesterday, Michigan picked up its first 2020 commit shortly after camp when OH WR Kalil Branham pulled the trigger. Like most rising juniors outside of the super-hyped tier, there's not a ton out there on him yet. But at least he can almost make a shirt out of medals!


247 ESPN Rivals Composite
3*, #322 overall
#36 WR, #5 OH
NR 3*, NR overall
5.7 rating

24/7 is the only site with a ranking on Branham; they put him in the heart of 3.5* territory at #322 nationally and the #5 kid in Ohio.  ESPN doesn't have a profile for him and, given that they've seeming fired all their useful people so they can meet Stephen A. Smith's demands for ever-larger carrot cakes, may not ever have one. Rivals has an early placeholder. 5.7 is the top end of their three star range, FWIW.

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Via Perry Farrell of the Detroit Free Press, one of Evan Petzold's gut feelings is explained. It's 2020 CB/Slot Ninja prospect Andre Seldon Jr, and at least SOMEONE got the memo that giving bloggers a 30-minute heads up before they need a commit post on a slow news day will endear you to them:

Positives: anticipation, follow-through

Seldon camped at Michigan this week and Wiltfong said he ran a 4.3 there. The Belleville product is listed at 5'8"/140, but that is probably from his sophomore season roster and 15-year-olds tend to grow some. 247 lists him at 5'9"/160 and the 24th cornerback at this time. Steve Lorenz has an eval up that includes a take from Jourdan Lewis; ditto Allen Trieu.

In case Belleville wasn't your first clue, Seldon's been on radars for a long time. As an 8th grader he earned MVP of the DBs and fastest man honors at the youth camp of 2016 Sound Mind Sound Body (when Ace was watching Ambry Thomas and I was waiting around for Luigi Vilain). Kentucky offered even then.

While the strapping lads of this year's class are expected to play outside, Seldon's tackling ability and elite feet should see him used early at nickel. He has the stickiness to play normal downs outside and move in to end your slot fades and still be an asset to against the run. He'll also be fun to track over the next couple of years since he's the kind of player who should (continue to) shine in a camp setting. 

We'll get a more thorough commit post up later this afternoon on Kalil Branham (spoiler: box jump) and get into more detail on Seldon later.

[UPDATE: A previous version of this article suggested Seldon might be McDoom-ish slot receiver. He's 100% nickel -seth]

Michigan’s 2020 class is underway with a receiver out of Columbus, Ohio.

Listed at 6’1’/190, the rising junior is a 3-star, 321st overall, and the 36th receiver to 247’s very early rankings, and a three-star (5.7) to Rivals. His brother John Branham Jr. is an uncommitted 2019 running back prospect.


Initial take: pretty fast, willing blocker, maybe not 6’1”.

Informative update cometh later.

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