"As far as these things go I would take this over the mess that is going on with Kane or what went on with Winston.

Sounds like everyone pretty much followed the steps necessary.

Police gathered information, but didn’t see enough for a clear arrest within their area so they passed it off for review - which is far from uncommon.

The grand jury decided there was enough for an indictment and to have it go to trial.

The university & football team scaled back his participation showing that they were taking it serious, but being innocent until proven guilty and all that they didn’t throw him out of school.

The name and details of the accuser are not out in public. No one is calling her a whore, gold digger or trying to kill her credibility before a trial gets off the ground. At this rate, they may actually even be able to select a jury that hasn’t spent months listening to all the chatter on the case and all the hot takers screaming opposite extremes.

The university is protecting the privacy of all it’s students.

The legal system is staring a trial, which will ultimately decide guilt or innocence.

Typically a little more transparency is preferred .... but everything seems to be going in order here in a way that is respectful to the process and not treating both parties harshly. If found guilty, Ukwuachu will have plenty of time in prison and the consequences afterward."