“For a period of ten years commencing July 1 1999 and subject to renewal upon concurrence of both parties you will be given an office and a phone in the East Area Locker room complex…”

Agreement was signed by Tim Curley and Gary Schultz along with Jerry Sandusky on June 29, 1999.

He was also granted Emeritus Status.

An excerpt of an email from Rodney A. Erickson, August 31, 1999:

“Let’s go ahead and grant it [emeritus status], if Graham[Spanier] has already promised it.”

Further excerpt of email by Robert Secor on Aug 31, 1999 who wrote: 

“But we are in a bind  Apparently Graham told [redacted but obviously referring to Sandusky] that we would do this, he was wholly within his rights here since the policy says “The President may grant (or deny) Emeritus Rank on an exception basis.”

Quotes are from this site which pulled them from the Freeh Report. 

The Joe Paterno defenders argue he had no power over Sandusky, this was all done over his head.  And if this was Jerry Kill at Minnesota, I would buy that.  I just don't think if Paterno didn't want something to happen it would have happened.