Notre Dame’s football program is on the verge of a mutiny before Saturday’s game against Navy.  Yesterday’s post-practice comments to the media by head coach Brian Kelly have likely divided the team into Kelly’s guys and former head coach Charlie Weis’ guys, unnecessarily. Kelly said:

You can see the players I recruited here, you know who they are. We’ve had one recruiting class here that I’ve had my hand on. The other guys here are coming along, but it’s a process.

It’s one thing to scold your team behind closed doors or on the sidelines.  It’s another thing to scold your team in a divisive manner in front of the national media.  Instead of being one Irish football team, Notre Dame could fracture into two competing cultures, internally.

Tweets from current Irish upperclassmen were posted last night in apparent reference to Kelly’s comments, and they aren’t encouraging.

Mteo_5:  Playin for my bros and that's it!!!! @dflem45 @RobJob293 @Carlo44Cal @KLM_89 @Freekey_Zekey17 @stadium20status @J_Slaughter26 #theoriginals

-Manti Te’o


BraxtonCave52: Disgusted…

-Braxton Cave


KLM_89: @JGolic88 @trobinson78 awful man.. im sure we talking about the same thing

-Kapron Lewis-Moore